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Matthew L. Brown, Ph.D.
Director of Research and Development
Office/Fax 205.629.3229
Mobile 205.903.0397
Odenville, Alabama 35120


"We are scientists working for other scientists and for science, itself"

Brown Research produces high quality, polyclonal antibodies designed specifically for each researcher's particular needs. In addition to custom polyclonal antibodies, we produce high quality secondary antibodies for detection assays. We offer a wide selection of host animals including rabbits, goats, sheep, and horses. Brown Research can supply a wide selection of frozen and freshly collected animal blood products and tissues. We can arrange custom peptide synthesis and perform conjugations to Keyhole limpet hemocyanin, bovine serum albumin, ovalbumin and other carriers. Brown Research provides a variety of purification, labeling, and packaging options. Our well-maintained farm facility is USDA licensed and inspected and we have a laboratory onsite for collection and processing of samples. In addition to USDA inspection, our farm facilities and animals are attended by consulting veterinarians, a Ph.D.-trained animal researcher, and a highly qualified Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Brown Research has a strong commitment to our customer's need for discretion and security when working on proprietary projects. We'll even pick up your antigen and deliver your antibody products in person (certain restrictions apply, call or email for details). For an example of our custom polyclonal antibody pricing click here. In addition to our standard pricing we can quote contract pricing with significant volume discounts for multiple antigen protocols or for long-term protocols.  In addition to antibodies, we offer a wide range of tissue, organ, and blood product procurements from an almost limitless variety of animals.

In addition to research services, we also offer animal model development and breeding colony services as well. Using our experience from many years of biomedical research we can help develop and maintain animal models for your specific research needs.  We currently maintain herds of goats and sheep for research studies.  We also maintain colonies of a variety of rabbit strains. Among the strains we offer are New Zealand white (in- and out-bred), Dutch-belted (in- and out-bred), Watanabe Heritable Hyperlipidemia (WHHL) rabbits for atherosclerosis and hypercholesterolemia research, buphthalmic NZW rabbits for glaucoma research, and human LCAT transgenic and human apoAI transgenic NZW rabbits for lipoprotein and cardiovascular disease research. We also now offer chickens and eggs for research. In addition to these species, we can obtain a wide variety of breeds of animals upon request. We travel throughout the Southeastern United States to find the best available stock of animals for our researchers' needs. At Brown Research, "We are scientists working for other scientists and for science, itself"For more information about our services or to obtain pricing information please call 205.629.3229 or reach us by email at













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